Language and cultural exchange is one of my passions. A language´s melody and diction communicates as much about culture as the words and sentences themselves. Since I am not fluent in any language, even (my English is questionable at this point) my questions and thoughts come out in a garbbled mess flavored with a dash of facial expression. I get so bogged down in vocabulary and grammar that I miss the universal body language. Mom, who does not speak French or Spanish, often understands more in her flexible state of mind.

Today we passed an elementary school in Pamplona. There were two girls, about seven years old, climbing up the fence around their playground. "¡Hola! ¡Hola!" they screamed. A boy who was about four or five ran after us asking, "¿A do´nde vayas?" (Where are you going?) and "¿Porque?" (Why?) When he was satisfied with my answer, he ran away. This small boy was the clearest speaker I have met so far. Therefore, I speak at the level of a four-year-old Spaniard. Bueno.

El Camino and all of the pilgrims remind me how much I love being a citizen of Earth. Love is a language; we all are born with the ability to speak and understand Love. 


(Spell check in Spanish, and time is limited. Please forgive my misspelling.) [Edit: Sister goes through and edits grammar and spelling in her own sweet time :)]

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